Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Friends

Davy's best friend Holden moved far away back in November. She thinks about him all the time. Look at that cute couple. I still swear even though they are thousands of miles apart, they will probably be married one day! :)

Holdy- I was looking through Davy's videos and I found this one and could not resist putting it on here. We love and miss you guys!!

Chloe Lynn

My Little Angel Chloe Lynn just turned 5 months old this past weekend. It is so hard to believe that it will be half a year in just a few weeks! Chloe is growing too fast! She is rolling over and hates to be put down. She wants to be at the center of everything. It melts my heart when she sees me walk in the door and just gives me the biggest toothless grin ever. She is so much different than Davynn was at the same age. Chloe is a lot smaller than Davynn was. I called Davy my Sumo Baby, but Chloe is my Petite Babygirl!

Davynn Elisabeth

My Big Baby Girl will be 5 in just a week and a few days. It is hard to believe that she will be starting kindergarten in August. It is so funny, because she constantly tells me that she is nervous about kindergarten and that she wants to talk about it. Then we end up spending 15 minutes talking about what is going to happen when she goes to kindergarten. I am sad that she is getting older. I am also scared! I wish they could stay little forever. :)