Monday, March 30, 2009

My Big Baby Girl is 5!

OK, this one really brings tears to my eyes! My big baby is 5 years old! It is so hard to believe that 5 years have pasted since my Davynn was born! Here we are getting ready to leave pre-school and start Kindergarten! Davynn is so funny about this whole kindergarten thing! She says to me all the time, " Mommy, can we talk about Kindergarten because I am really nervous about the cafeteria." You know my girl, she is always worried about where her next meal is coming from. No seriously, she is really nervous about going to kindergarten. So after she asks that of course we have to spend 15 minutes talking about all the different things that are going to happen at kindergarten. We have started working on her kindergarten sight words, and I noticed that some of the papers she has been bringing home from school also have sight words on them. So, hopefully she will have a leg up and get started off on the right foot. Other than that, Davynn is being a big help with her baby sister. Boy does she ever love that little girl! She calls her "Precious Pie." Where she got that from I'll never know! She also calls her Baby girl. However, if you know how Davynn pronounces girl, then you know that it actually sounds like she is saying "Baby Goul" When Chlo starts crying Davynn starts in with "Baby Girl, Baby Girl- no fussing" and if that doesn't work then she says Mommy- I can't take it anymore!! She needs to stop crying. And of course we all know that that is going to happen! Here are some pictures of Davynn's birthday party. She was so excited because she got a Nintendo DS. That is the only thing the child asked for! However, you know that I had to make her sweat for it. The first gift I gave her from Daddy and me had clothes in it, and oh my you should have seen and heard her. She opened it, looked like she had just lost her best friend and then said, oh, it's clothes. Then I gave her the DS package and she ripped into it and started screaming. That was priceless!


Check out the cake that Nana made! Davynn said it was Awesome.

This was when she opened her "clothes"

And this was the DS!

And this is US!

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