Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Zoo trip and hanging out!

Here are some pictures of the girls. We went to the zoo on Thursday- Chloe's first trip! Davynn took her friend Drew. They had a pretty good time! Dave was ready to pull his hair out by the end of the day :) All I could do was laugh! We had a great day!

Davy and Drew with the Elephants


Daddy, Davy and Chloe with the goats

Davy and Drew

Chloe pulling on Daddy's face!!
David did this! Not ME!!!

Look at my big girl holding her bottle all by herself!!

Davynn at the park last week.

Davy and Chlo on the tire swing.

Check out this do! She had no idea her hair was like that!! She would probably beat me if she knew I was posting this!! :) :)

Poor Chloe, She is just to small!! But she had fun swinging anyways!

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